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Injured Bald Eagles Could Use Your Extra Trout in Pennsylvania


Injured eagles could use some help from anglers in Pennsylvania.

If you ever needed an extra excuse to go fishing, this is a good one. A wildlife rehabilitation center in Pennsylvania is asking fishermen for donations of extra trout. The reason? To help feed and rehabilitate the facility's injured bald eagles.

There are two eagles the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Saylorsburg is nursing back to health currently. But because fresh trout is hard to come by, they are looking to the public for help.

"We take care of them and help them get back out into the wild and we need people to help do that," the center's director, Kathy Uhler told WNEP 16 News.

Because the number of bald eagles and other injured birds taken into the facility has been increasing, these donations may be more important than ever. An eagle's diet does consist primarily of fish. The local fish hatchery, Cherry Valley Trout Hatchery, has already chipped in. Owner Craig Reddinger has donated trout and says anyone who wants to buy fish for the eagles will be welcome to do so.

Sounds like the eagles, one male and one female, are in good hands.

It's not often the opportunity to do a good deed that benefits both an organization and wildlife comes from fishing. Sounds like a good reason for Pennsylvania trout anglers to spend a little extra time on the water!


Injured Bald Eagles Could Use Your Extra Trout in Pennsylvania