ice fishing camera underwater

Incredible Underwater Camera View of Ice Fishing

Ice fishing enthusiasts use a high definition GoPro waterproof camera to catch stunning video of fish taking their bait.

Ice fishing can be an amazing time when they are biting. When they aren't, it can be frustrating. It's funny how much colder it gets when you can't land any fish.

If you have a good camera then you can get a better idea of what those fish are doing and improve your catch rate. Check out this unique perspective from below the surface:

Winter fishing is different than warmer months because fish move slowly. They barely hit the bait.

That's why ice fisherman use extremely light tackle. Here they use small rods, tip-ups, and flags to help see the hit.

It's interesting to watch the different camera angles as bluegill, bass, and pike roam the water below.

You'll also notice some of the footage is at high speed. Those fish aren't always moving in real time.

Look closely and you can see the bait suspended in the water. In most cases, the fish barely take the jig, so timing the hook set can be extremely difficult.

While these fisherman are showing the successful catches, I'm sure there's a lot of footage of missed opportunities.

That's what makes ice fishing so challenging.

Camera or no camera, ice fishing can be a blast.