hearing protection

If You Shoot or Hunt, Your Ears Are in Danger, but Fluxx is Here to Help

Hundreds on hundreds of studies show us the permanent damage that gunshots over the course of our lives can cause to our ears.

Instead of breaking down those studies, the data, decibels, and the actual damage of the ear, how about I show you an amazing and comfortable product to help prevent that?

hearing protection

Enter Fluxx Audio and their amazing technology and products.

Over 48 million people suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Spoiler Alert: many hunters and shooters fall in that category. Chances are, if you're reading this article, you probably love a day at the range, a morning in the duck blind, rifle hunting big game, or just shooting skeet. And each time you pull a trigger, your eardrum suffers a little more.

hearing protection

hearing protection

Fluxx Audio makes custom fit hearing protection pieces designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts. They enhance sound by filtering out environmental noise such as wind and rain while limiting impulse noise to protect you from hearing damage.

Fluxx customizes the earpieces for your liking and offers many different styles that you can choose from. They have more advanced products as well, including spin-off molds where you can even form the molds around headphones.

Below is a video of how they create the mold that fits snugly and perfectly in your ear and your ear only, resulting in maximum protection and as well as comfort.

I have personally fallen in love with my pair. I never shoot clay pigeons anymore without them, and I even wear them while mowing the lawn. They serve many more purposes than just the outdoor realm, and your hearing is too precious of a thing to go without. So jump on board.

The molds have little tabs that you can grab for easy removal, and they simply slide back into place like a glove when you are ready to use them again.

I encourage you to check them out to see their company history and the technology behind the products. These are a no-brainer.

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