Snow Geese
YouTube: Mark Schutzius

Hunters Down 287 Snow Geese in Seconds in Special Conservation Hunt


Snow goose conservation season can be pretty wild. No harvest limit, no gun plugs, and magazine tube extensions lead to a lot fun.

Ever seen 287 geese fall from the sky in just a matter of seconds? Likely not, but here in a few minutes, you'll be able to say you have.

The conservation season for snow geese opens up every year on February 1st. Very few animal species have a season where there are almost no rules that apply. Especially not for a type of waterfowl. With the insane population numbers and the damage they cause to the fields and terrains, a conservation season is set in place to where you can remove your plugs from your shotguns, put extension tubes on your gun to hold 10+ shells, and shoot as many geese as you can within legal shooting light.

It is a recipe for greatness and a lot of fun. Operation save the tundra is a slogan you hear a lot and these guys take on the challenge full force. Multiple shooters, lots of shells, and so many geese on the ground it looked like a blanket make this video quite stunning.

287 geese down in a matter of seconds.


With more crippled birds than you could count while they are all moving, the men had to move in to finish them off. After all is said and done, there are 287 snows accounted for and the fun is over.

Now it's time to go to work and starting cleaning the birds. Yeah, we don't envy that part.

Operation save the tundra was a success for these guys and now they have a lot of snow geese meat to celebrate that with...if that is possible.


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