Idiotic Woman Barrels Car Straight Through Flock of Birds

This unbelievable video will make you question humanity.

People love to film themselves doing stupid things. Why they choose to publicly post them, however, is an age-old question that will likely never be answered. The video you're about to see is sure to make you angry, so consider yourself warned.

A typical drive along a country road for two women suddenly turns into the unthinkable. With plenty of distance to slow down or completely stop, the driver of this car decides to continue with her speed instead.

Problem is, a massive flock (of what appear to be crows) is blocking the road.

"Keep going. They'll move, they'll move."

No joke, is this animal cruelty? Social media had a field day when this video first surfaced. It's an empty highway, she couldn't have just slowed down, or even stopped?!

As you saw, the birds moved alright - smack dab into this idiot's windshield. Who knows how many were killed, but from the commentary, it sounds like quite a few.

What really makes the blood boil is the hysterical laughter coming from this dimwitted pair. Not a sliver of remorse.

And it's not like it was filmed with a dashcam; that's clearly a passenger holding a cellphone camera! They intended to film it! What, did she think it would make a good Snapchat video?!

You don't always see a flock of birds just hanging out on a roadway in the United States, but as motorists we're trained to notice things and adjust accordingly, so as to avoid a car crash.

The numerous birds that smacked this car's windshield would disagree. I wonder how many had to be scraped from the license plate...?

What are your thoughts on appropriate punishment, if any?