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Here's Houston's Real-Life Version of Hitchcock's 'The Birds'

Have our feathered friends taken over the world? This crazy clip from Texas might make you believe so!

Fifty-four years ago Alfred Hitchcock terrified citizens of the world with his cinematic masterpiece, The Birds. The premise of the movie was simple - birds of all kinds suddenly and without warning begin attacking people in Northern California. Fast-forward to present day and a busy highway in Houston, Texas. (And no, there isn't any movie magic happening here!)

Jessica Rios filmed this fascinating (and somewhat spooky) clip on her cellphone while driving along a busy highway in the middle of Houston, Texas on January 19. What she captured is thousands of birds filling the sky, presumably crows or blackbirds, while swooping down between vehicles and landing on the shoulder.

Here's the incredible clip she posted to her Instagram page:

Dreamy. #houstontexas #tweets ? #houstoncity

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Coincidence this was on the eve of Trump's inauguration? Hmmm.

Blackbirds and crows will roost during the evening in large numbers - although rarely do you see them in this magnitude and in such a populated place.

We're guessing those cars needed a good hosing down after this eerie event. Hitchcock would be proud.