Cascade Lake

Idaho's Cascade Lake Produces Some Monster Perch

This angler traveled 1,500 miles from Minnesota to Idaho to ice fish for perch! But, the perch that Cascade Lake produces are worth the trip.

While most northern folks travel south to warmer climes during the winter months, Luke Hentges traveled west. He made his way to Boise, Idaho, where he hooked up with a couple of friends to ice fish Lake Cascade for jumbo perch.

And when we say jumbo perch, we're not exaggerating. These fish are heavy!

"It's the biggest perch I've ever caught," Hentges says after his first of the day. "It's big!"

After catching a couple of gorgeous rainbow trout, the big perch start lighting up the jigging sticks and they're all monsters.

The perch they're catching are running around 1.5-2 pounds. Their guide, Nick Epler, tells them these are "average" Cascade Lake jumbo perch.

If these fish are average, I'd love to see what the really big perch look like.

Check out their fishing rod holder system. It's a lightweight wire rod holder Epler calls a "jigger-trotter," that allows the rod to move slightly, thereby imparting some action to the jig. That's pretty slick.

Don't you want to make a trip to Idaho now?.

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