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True Monster Perch Madness in Sweden [VIDEO]

What would you rather do, spend the day fishing for big pike, OR, spend the day catching 31 GIANT perch over 2¼ pounds each?

I love big northern pike. I really do. They might just be my favorite game fish. But I don’t think I’d hesitate to take a day catching two to three dozen truly huge perch over pike fishing (unless the pike were very, very big!).

That’s the situation these friends were in when they hiked into a remote Swedish lake to target northern pike. They came prepared to fish big pike, but the presence of giant perch and their eagerness to bite changed the plan.

It is so unusual, especially where I’m from, to catch perch of even small sizes anymore. The Great Lakes are no longer the perch-producing machines they once were. The perch the anglers in this video are pulling in seem unreal.

They caught 31 giant perch over 2¼ pounds each in one day and 10 more the next day. That’s 41 perch at over 90 pounds total. Let that sink in. Over 90 pounds for 41 perch!

Three of the fish went even bigger than the average, weighing between 3¼ and 3½ pounds each. They lip these fish like bass. That’s how big they are. Simply incredible.

This is the kind of video you will want to watch at least twice. Once with English subtitles (unless you understand Swedish) and then again to just watch, mouth agape, at the incredible fish these fellows are catching.

They said it’s “the craziest perch fishing we’ve ever had…perch madness!”

Please, let me experience this kind of madness too!

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True Monster Perch Madness in Sweden [VIDEO]