Ice Fishing in Montana for Huge Lake Trout

The ice fishing in Montana is matchless for it's epic fish and splendid scenery.

In this video, an angler takes to ice fishing in Montana and hooks some lunkers under the frozen surface. Notice the gorgeous mountains (and, more importantly, the huge lake trout).

According to the Youtube user, this was "An afternoon of targeting lakers through the ice using Della Bay's Lake Trout Ice Rod." As you just saw, he was quite successful at it.

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Did you see how he got tangled up in his tip-up line? It would have probably helped to have another person there to deal with the mess (but then he would have had to share the fish).

Ice fishing in Montana is one of the best winter pastimes an angler can find, so get out here before the spring comes. Notable places: Canyon Ferry Lake, Fort Peck Lake, and Hyalite Reservoir, among others.