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6 Superb Places for Ice Fishing in Montana

Covering over 94 million acres, Montana offers some of the best ice fishing locales in the country. 

This list is a compilation of the more exceptional bodies of water in the Big Sky state. From secluded mountain lakes to massive reservoirs, Montana has a veritable plethora of places to ice fish.

If you’re thinking about going ice fishing in Montana, these places will be great places to get started.

1. Flathead Lake

One of the largest freshwater lakes west of the Mississippi River, this lake spans over 197 square miles across the Flathead Valley near Glacier National Park. Although this lake rarely freezes completely, there are numerous bays along the shoreline ideal for ice fishing.

Men's Journal
Men’s Journal


2. Georgetown Lake

This ice fishing destination, located near Anaconda, is one of the more scenic lakes in western Montana. Seated at over 6,000 feet in elevation, this body of water is surround by the majestic Anaconda, Flint Creek, and Sapphire Mountain ranges.

Montana Outdoor
Montana Outdoor


3. Canyon Ferry Lake

The 3rd largest lake in Montana, Canyon Ferry contains over 70 miles of shoreline and is easily accessible from Helena. Ice fisherman flock here for the large walleye and trout inhabiting its waters.

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4. Hyalite Reservoir

This body of water is a popular spot 12 miles south of Bozeman and spans 206 acres through a wide valley. Yellowstone cutthroat and brook trout can be fished here and the water is usually frozen by late December.

Friends Of Hyalite
Friends Of Hyalite


5. Hebgen Lake

Located west of Yellowstone National Park, this vast lake is surround by public lands, making for easy access. Stretching over 15 miles long, the ice fishing season at this lake lasts from December to as late as May.

Billings Gazette
Billings Gazette


6. Fort Peck Lake

Spanning out from the damming of the Missouri River, this epic lake is Montana’s largest body of water, covering about 243,000 acres. Fort Peck is home to massive walleye and is arguably the best place for ice fishing in Montana.

Outdoor Channel
Outdoor Channel


As the fourth largest state, Montana has an expansive system of lakes and reservoirs; the above bodies of water are merely the tip of the iceberg.

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6 Superb Places for Ice Fishing in Montana