Shimano SP-Orca Flashboost

Shimano SP-Orca Flash Boost Perfectly Mimics Dying Baitfish

Shimano's new SP-Orca with Flash Boost technology takes honors for top saltwater lure.

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic causing the ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades) show to go completely online in 2020, Shimano rolled out an extensive line of new products that should have saltwater anglers excited. Most notable for their lures is the SP-Orca Flash Boost.

This lure ended up taking best of show honors in the saltwater lure category. The sinking stickbait may seem a bit like a gimmick at first, but Shimano says the lure is already tried and tested on big game fish.

Here are all the details on this newest addition to Shimano's already extensive lineup of proven saltwater lures.

What makes this lure different?

The Shimano Orca line has been around for a while and at first glance this new addition may look like an ordinary stickbait. However, appearances can be deceiving. There are several features to this lure that help set it apart.

First, we need to talk about the Flash Boost technology. Note that translucent section of the lure. Inside are some small springs with foil suspended on them. All anglers know an attractive flash from a lure will draw strikes, but this new technology is designed to take it a step further. In a deep dive of their new products streamed online, the company says this system is designed specifically to mimic the little things about an injured baitfish. More specifically, the flicking of their fins or the movement of their gills.

In addition to that extra detail, Shimano does 3-D scans of baitfish for the rest of the lure's finish using their Kyorin holographic design. The SP-Orca FB is 5 7/8-inches long and weighs 72 grams (2.5 ounces). It has already proven to be effective on many saltwater species, especially tuna. Shimano says they have caught everything from yellowfin to black and even bigeyes with it. The lure may also have applications for striper and other large species that eat big baitfish.

This hard lure has an interesting feature in Shimano's propulsion weight transfer system. There is a weight on a spring that loads to the back of the lure while throwing it and then pops back to stabilize the bait once it lands. The result is an increased casting distance. The lure is also durable thanks to a through wire construction. The company outfitted the Shimano SP-Orca FB with split rings and large 3x hooks straight out of the box for better hook ups on large fish.

Shimao is offering this lure in six color patterns including blue sardine, injured sardine, green mackerel, half beak, flying fish and blue pink. The MSRP is $22.99 each and the lures are available from fishing tackle retailers available right now. Visit Shimano's website for more details.

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