Scent Crusher gear bag
Nathan Unger

I Tried Eliminating Diaper Odor with a Scent Crusher Gear Bag, and This is What I Discovered

Will the Scent Crusher gear bag get the job done when 'crushing' diaper stench?

I have been using the Scent Crusher gear bag for over a year now. I know that it works, and works well.

However, I wanted to ensure that there is no doubt with this experiment. Being a new dad, dirty diapers are a fairly easy renewable resource.

How did it work?

I put the Scent Crusher gear bag to the test. First, I took a fresh dirty diaper and placed it in the gear bag by itself and set it on the highest timer of 30-minutes.

Before I go on, I should clarify that 'dirty' means poopy. For this experiment, I figured a diaper full of urine would be a little more difficult to smell if there was any odor at all.

I then performed this experiment four more times decreasing the amount of time each round.

Finally, I set the timer on the ozone dispenser to the last setting of five minutes. I placed the dirty diaper in the gear bag and waited anxiously.

After the timer stopped I pulled out the diaper, and yes, I smelled it. Or at least I attempted to. The dirty diaper odor no longer lingered. It was completely suppressed by the Scent Crusher ozone gear bag.

Takeaway: I know now that most, if not all, of my sweaty body odor on my hunting gear will be suppressed. I can rest easy knowing that the likelihood of getting busted by a deer's nose will be less likely.

While it is probably crazy to put a dirty diaper inside an ozone tote or gear bag products like these, it will keep stench down to a minimum, according to my research.

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