4 Hunting Items That Are No-Brainers for the Upcoming Deer Season

Deer season is right around the corner and here are four hunting items that are complete no-brainers. 

Before you begin your 2017-2018 deer season, make sure you have these four hunting items.

Exodus Trail Camera

Exodus provides a 5-year warranty on all their cameras. Similarly, Exodus Outdoor Gear provides a theft warranty that allows you to receive the same camera for 50 percent off if your camera is stolen. No other camera company provides this offer. Exodus Cameras are comparable to some of the best cameras in the marketplace because their business model is direct-to-consumer. That way all the middle man costs are cut out. Now you know why this camera is a no-brainer.

exodus trail cameras

Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag

The Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag is now available in REALTREE XTRA as well as the original blaze orange tote. This gear bag can lug nearly all your hunting gear in one place while "Crushing" your gear with the newest ozone technology that'll will cause you to be deadly in the deer woods.

5 hunting items


Hawk Hunting Hang-On Stand

This easy-to-use and lightweight hang-on stand is great for a run-and-gun set up. If the wind changes in an instant, you don't have to worry about lugging and huge ladder around. It also provides comfortable seating for long sits. The stand can fold up and can be carried on your back for long treks through the woods.

hawk hunting

Nose Jammer

This product, based on vanilla extract, 'jams' the senses of deer while in the woods. All you have to do is spray your boots and the tree in which you're sitting and whitetails will have no idea your there.

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