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This Husky Deserves a Record Deal for His Smooth "Singing" Voice

Huskies are fluffy, wolf-like dogs with plenty of energy and spunk. They hail from colder climates but can live almost anywhere. While plenty of dog lovers adore this breed, not many realize what it really takes to own one. One of the most lovable things about huskies is also the most difficult to manage: their dramatic personalities. If there's a viral video that includes one of these boisterous pups, it usually catches them in a situation where they're giving an over-the-top reaction to something trivial (like this husky refusing to leave the tub). The mouthy and attention-seeking behavior of a husky can turn it into an internet sensation overnight.

Take Haiku, for example. This vocal husky has a TikTok account that's almost entirely devoted to him singing his heart out—but with a twist. The talented pup uses a voice-changing microphone to highlight his natural singing abilities and truly turn each "song" into a masterpiece. One of Haiku's most recent videos has more than 21 million views, plus thousands of comments from his adoring fans.

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He got into position, beautiful masterpiece, squirrel ? #viral#fyp#haikuthehusky#husky#dog

? original sound - Haikuthehusky

When it comes time to perform, Haiku takes his job very seriously. Just look at that concentration! It's hard not to watch his videos over and over again.


Beautiful Masterpiece then ?squirrel? #viral#fyp#haikuthehusky#husky#dog

? original sound - Haikuthehusky

"These videos are my new obsession," one viewer commented. We couldn't agree more!

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