Winter The Husky Malmute

Husky Resists Bath Time, Acting Like It's Torture

For some pups, bath time is heaven, but this husky resists bath time like it is being led to torture.

Dog owners know that bathing their doggy is essential, especially if your pooch loves to play in the mud and muck. But, every now and then, a good bath is needed for general hygiene. While some people choose to take their more high-maintenance dogs to the groomer, Winter's dog mom gives her a bath herself. This husky resits bath time like she is about to go to the vet!

Husky Resists Bath Time

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Winter is a Siberian Husky, Malamute mix. This pretty pup puts on quite the show as her owner gets her ready for the bath. In the viral social media video, the pup does her best to avoid getting into the running water that signifies bath time! As Winter's dog mom carries her to the bathroom, the dog's face clearly shows that she is not on board. This dog hates bath time more than anything! Many pet parents understand the feeling and know that no matter what you do to improve the bathing process, unfortunately, some doggo's are just not on board.

Throughout the video, Winter wriggles and writhes all the way to the bathing area, putting up a pretty solid fight. Though, mom wins in the end. The audio used may be one of the best parts of the video. It matched perfectly as Winter tried everything she could think of to slow the process down, including trying to grab onto a doorway with her paws.

One Instagram user said, "Goshhhhh. The voice-over is SUPERB! SO FUNNY!" Another said, " Hahahaha. This got me in stitches! Sooo funny!."

We have to agree. Winter's performance is pretty hilarious and will definitely get your sides aching after watching her a few times!

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