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Brian The Husky Throws Attitude When It's Time For His "House"

This very smart Siberian Husky likes to talk back to his owner, especially when he's asked to go into his kennel. 

Meet Brian, the Siberian Husky. Brian, like many dogs, has a bit of an independent streak, and he doesn't always like it when his owner tells him what to do. So when his owner tells him to go into his kennel, Brian's response? Well, let's just say he doesn't hop right up and go into his kennel.

Instead, Brian decides to talk back. And talk, and talk, and talk. He shows us just what it means to be a Siberian Husky - in other words, you're vocal!

Take a look as Brian talks back to his dad.

Stubborn Husky Refuses to Go Into His "House"

Would you have gotten away with talking back to your parents like Brian? Probably not, but Brian seems to know just how far he can push things without getting in actual trouble.

Does your dog not want to go into his crate when you ask? Crate training a dog can take time, but it can be an important step in keeping a dog safe - particularly when your dog's a puppy - when you're not at home. Making your dog's crate a welcoming, safe place can help to encourage this, and if you have your dog when he's a puppy, starting out by feeding him in his crate can help him get used to being in it.

If you can't or don't want to crate train your dog, you'll need to do some careful dog-proofing of your house, or find a way to contain your dog to a room or two when you're not home.

How does your dog feel about spending time in his crate? Share their silly antics at our Wide Open Pets Instagram!

This article was originally published February 6, 2018.

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