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Two Singing Huskies Annoy Their Golden Retriever Sibling

Let's be honest. Siblings can be annoying, especially on long car trips. Typical of brothers, these two huskies just won't stop singing, leaving their sister attempting to ignore them. 

Adorable Golden Retriever Zoey is sandwiched between her two Siberian Husky brothers Jackson and Nico, on a car ride. In the TikTok video, Zoey has the cutest reaction to the huskies singing, aka howling, leaving the internet to feel bad that she has to deal with this daily.

Two Huskies Sing, Despite Their Sisters Feelings


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? original sound - Nico, Jackson & Zoey

Dog videos make their way around social media, but I have a feeling this one is going to stay around for a while. Out of all the dog breeds, husky puppies and adult huskies are known for being very vocal. Zoey sits between Jackson and Nico in this viral video as they sing and sing and sing some more. It seems like these two doggies just want to share their joy, while the Golden Retriever looks like she is thinking, "I cannot believe this is my life."

Tik Tok viewers sympathized with the poor pup. Melissa said, "The GR is like FML." While one user says, "the golden... please, Tylenol. please!"

Calcifer, the German Shepherd, even chimed in, commenting, "The Golden is just sitting there like "FAWK my existence!!"

Poor Zoey.

Why Do Huskies Howl


Maybe she wants to listen to them ????? #huskiesoftiktok #husky #goldenretriever #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #huskieshowling

? original sound - Nico, Jackson & Zoey

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Husky owners are all too familiar with their huskies' favorite form of communication. Huskies talk a lot to their owners. Vocalizations can be anything from a husky howling to whining, yipping, or every known and then barking. Though it is not uncommon for a husky to not bark at all and only howl. They may be telling you they need to go potty or maybe having a tiny tantrum because they are hungry. For some, it's just because they enjoy it.

A husky singing is a real treat for their best friends to enjoy. A husky can howl for many reasons. Jackson and Nico's human, Chris Boudens, said in the comments that they like singing along to any song that comes on the radio.

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