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Hush's Shed Hunting Tour 2017: The Rewards Aren't Necessarily in the Antlers

Sometimes the rewards in shed hunting are not in the antlers found but rather in the company, elk steaks on the grill, and beautiful mountains to climb.

Yes, that's all true, sometimes the rewards aren't necessarily in the antlers found. But boy, it sure is sweet when you do find them!

This two-part video set documents the hard work involved in shed hunting in an unfamiliar area, where it's hit or miss... and mostly miss, at least in the first video.

Eric and Bridget pack up and head to New Mexico for a shed hunting adventure, where they hope to find plenty of dropped antlers and excellent camping. They do pretty well with the excellent camping part of the equation. The shed hunting, not so much.

The don't get skunked but they have a darn challenging time finding much to crow about as far as sheds are concerned. Most of what they come across is chalky and small. There's plenty of elk sign but no antlers. Plus their trailer gets a flat tire!

They pack up camp and move three or four times, constantly searching for that honey hole area where the elk drop big brown antlers in relative abundance.

Eric climbs a steep and rough hillside and finds an absolute monster set. They could be a matching set - they probably are. But they are big.

While he packs them up and starts working precariously down the mountain Bridget is on the radio and she too has found a mess of antlers, including a massive 7x7 set.

So what started out as a somewhat disappointing and fairly fruitless hunt has turned into a most excellent adventure. Nothing like finding some massive shed antlers to make all of that earlier hard work and hiking seem totally worth it.

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