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Hurricane Nate Takes Out Popular Alabama Fishing Pier

Hurricane Nate wasn't as devastating as Harvey or Irma, but it did destroy a popular fishing pier in Alabama.

On Sunday, Mobile County residents awoke to a mess... and no fishing pier.

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Cedar Point Pier, located north of Dauphin Island Bridge, was a popular place for folks to fish

"Kind of hard to believe the pier is gone," says resident Donnie Bell. "I can't believe that no harder than the storm was, but the water was four- to five-foot deep, but I guess the waves is what took the pier out. I would never have believed the whole pier would be gone like this."

Only a few pylons are left from the location. Cedar Point Pier was popular for several reasons, including good catches of fish and reasonable rates. In addition, Alabama residents didn't need a fishing license to fish from the pier.

Area residents drove to the location Sunday because they couldn't believe their favorite fishing pier was gone.

Nate may have only been a Category 1 storm, but it took out many piers along the Mobile shoreline. It also compromised roadways.

The owners of Cedar Point Pier are going to survey the damage and decide whether or not to rebuild the popular fishing pier.