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Apparently Hurricanes Have a Problem with This Fishing Pier

In 2012, Superstorm Sandy hit the Atlantic Coast and damaged a fishing pier.

The pier, located along the Jersey Shore in Belmar, New Jersey, was repaired.

Last week, Hurricane Jose damaged the fishing pier, again.

Waves generated by Jose removed a support beam holding three pilings together. The pilings shook loose in the storm.

The pier is part of the Belmar Fishing Club. It's a private club, so the pier isn't open to the public.

Still, several commenters on Facebook and YouTube say the pier has been a great place to fish for club members.

The entire end of the pier had to be rebuilt after Sandy. Reconstruction wasn't completed until 2015.

Fortunately, it seems that Jose wasn't as damaging as Sandy.

Belmar had to replace its entire boardwalk, a mile long, after Sandy. That cost $9.2 million and reopened in 2013.

Club officials haven't revealed the full extent of the damage to the fishing pier from Jose.