Pier Fishing Turns Bloody When Onlooker Attempts to Beach a Shark

When pier fishing, don't allow morons to beach your shark, or else this will happen. 

When a fisherman hooks a shark while pier fishing in Wilmington, things get bloody fast. This guy attempts to beach a shark, but the shark makes one last-ditch effort back to the ocean. What happens next is messy. Viewers be warned!

According to the viral video posted on Facebook the guy attempting to beach the shark is reportedly a marine biologist.

First thing's first. When a shark makes an attempt into deeper water don't ever follow it. The more water the shark has to swim in the more agile it becomes. Such is the case in this scenario when the two gentleman follow the shark.

The one gentleman grabs the shark's tail and the shark twirls a one hundred and eighty degree turn to shreds what appears to be the guy's arm. Blood then begins gushing everywhere, and the two guys head for the beach. One gentleman, the marine biologist, seemingly holding his arm.

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