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The HuntWise Hunting App Needs to be on Your Phone

Sportsman Tracker introduces HuntWise: the most advanced hunting app on the market.

Today's hunter relies heavily on technology, whether it be through trail cameras, range finders, or GPS navigation - to name just a few. With the advent of smartphones, we can now carry untapped information in the palm of our hand, ultimately leading to greater success when out in the field. A newly-released app from Sportsman Tracker, named HuntWise, promises to be the most advanced hunting app currently on the market.

The HuntWise app has various features, with one of the most useful being the hunt predictor. Relying on 8-tracked variables to give the most accurate results, the hunt predictor will instantly tell you when the best time to hunt is. This is narrowed down by the specie you are targeting - which include white-tailed deer, waterfowl, turkey, upland game, wild boar, coyote, rabbit, squirrel, black bear, brown bear, black-tailed deer, moose, mule deer, and elk.

HuntWise hunting app

Other features include a powerful GPS mapping tool and an active social sharing community, with other 800,000 users. By purchasing the HuntWise Pro Subscription (the base version is free) hunters also gain access to public and private land boundaries, available for all 50 states. With a click of a button, you'll now instantly know where it is legal - and not legal - to hunt.

"At Sportsman Tracker, we build apps because we value seeing people come together in the midst of God's creation and enjoying the community of outdoorsmen and the thrill of the pursuit. I've been hunting and fishing my whole life and wouldn't trade the relationships and memories I made for the world!" said Jeff Courter, Sportsman Tracker, Founder and CEO.

For more information on the HuntWise app, visit the Sportsman Tracker website HERE.

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