Huntress Commits Suicide After Bullying From Animal Rights Activist Community

The online hate towards hunting is often taken too far, but this time, someone tragically took it to heart and acted on it. She and her family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Melania Capitan, a well-known huntress and blogger, unfortunately couldn't take the scrutiny from the anti-hunting community anymore and took her own life recently. She had been a big target for animal rights activists on her online platforms.



The news and story is tragic, and the hunting community has come together to show support and keeping her in our thoughts and prayers.


Melania, from Catalonia, rose to popularity by educating others on her hunting tactics as well as letting fans and others into her day-to-day life. Her posts caused a lot of controversy across the Internet, especially among  animal rights activists and groups who followed closely and widely criticized her in any way possible.


The news is rather tragic, and it makes you wonder if any actions will ever be taken towards the type of comments and banter that you see get thrown around on social media. We have published multiple articles on some of the slanderous remarks outdoor personalities take from the anti-hunting community, and quite frankly, it is an issue that will only grow from here.

Even after her passing, Melania's Facebook profile was inundated with messages grotesquely celebrating the news of her death. It's hard to even comprehend that people actually feel this way, and on top of that, have the audacity to post it publicly. It makes you wonder where we are at as a society.

The messages and comments are very distasteful, and out of respect for Melania, we won't include them in this article. But it brings me back to the question I always ask. Why shouldn't people be held accountable for their words, threats, and actions over social media, like they are in a workplace?

It is one thing to disagree with hunting, but to wish harm on a hunter and view an animal's life as more important than that of a human is something I will never, ever understand, ever.


Our thoughts go out to Melania and all those close to her, and until then, may she rest in peace.

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