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Kendall Jones Calls Guy Out for Another Death Threat Gone Too Far

Another anti-hunter, another death threat towards an outdoor personality. These bleeding hearts sure can get savage.

Kendall Jones has been in the spotlight since she entered the industry with the hunting of a lion in Africa. Ever since that moment, she has had lots of support from many hunters, but followed with just as much hatred from the anti-hunting community.

She received yet another death threat, but this time she sounded off and called this guy out for all of her social media following to see. Below is the original post she made, simply asking, "Is this a death threat?"

She calls the guy out further by tagging his personal page, then posting the link to his last Facebook post. As if that weren't enough she then tagged the FBI for their viewing pleasure and also tagged Ted Nugent to see what he had to say.

All in a day's work, in hopes of getting one more keyboard warrior/anti-hunter caught. Many of her followers let her know that they sent Mathias a message of their own, so we can only imagine what his inbox looked like.

But the conversation that it really sparks in my mind is, how do these people continue to get away with messages and comments like this? And how can they truly speak that way of a person, all because of an animal. I understand the side of not liking hunting and being against it, but to value an animals life over a humans just seems backwards.

If death threats were sent like this in a workplace or at a school, there would be follow-up and there would be charges and consequences. But the anti-hunting community seems to get by with threats like this time and time again via social media. Hopefully it never actually ends up being an issue, but I believe these things should be looked into more before someone eventually acts upon it.

Another threat gone too far, and Kendall called them out. A thing that we have seen more outdoor personalities do more and more of as of late.

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