Hunting and the Ethics of Food

Where do you go to get your food? What does your grocery store look like? In an age of hormone-induced, genetically modified super foods, can you still get food that is like it was a century ago? Hunting may be the answer.

Why do I say "hunting may be the answer"?

It largely depends on the food source your game feeds on, but there can be no doubt the best way to get organic, wholesome food is to take to the fields of this nation and get it yourself.

Yes, we tend to focus on hunting as a method to ensure our meat is void of most of the chemicals found in today's supermarkets, but don't forget the same goes for our fruits and vegetables.

Growing your own food or becoming familiar enough with nature to gather it, can only add to the flavor and savoriness of wild game.

Hunting can even be deemed a fiscally responsible thing to do. If you've never hunted or tasted wild game, I urge you to become familiar with the wonderful tastes your buds have been missing.