In Defense of Camo at the Grocery Store: A Hunter's Manifesto

The time has come that we, the camo-wearing public, stand for what's right. It's time we take a stand for our Constitutional right to the "pursuit of happiness." This is a manifesto!

Camo as a Fashion Statement

Camouflage has become a status symbol among the outdoor elite in the United States. No longer is it brushed to the back country and outdoor stores. Your favorite brands of camo now show up at weddings, church services, proms and any number of formal and semi-formal settings.

Image courtesy BuySellDress

Camo has even been known to appear in a number of large, Texas-based corporate board rooms.

Image Courtesy Jim's Formal Wear

Why then is it that these same people look down their collective noses at the casual use of camo? After all, camo is basically an earth-tone rainbow, right? It seems that everyone is getting into the camo craze these days.  You can find camo just about everywhere you look.

Who Else Wears Camo?

Dads who never gave up their skateboards like to wear loose-fitting camo.

Image courtesy Roller Warehouse

Camo has managed to infiltrate the Rave and Goth groups of the underground.

Image courtesy Alibaba

So, the question remains, Why can't I simply put on my "normal" camo and go to the grocery store?

I'm not talking about the fashionista glam-cam stuff. I mean simply the basic, good-old camo.

Possibly the best argument for this becoming mainstream is the fact that Blue Bell Ice Cream has come out with a hunter's dream: Camo-n-Cream ice cream is is a delectable blend of pistachio ice cream, milk chocolate and cream cheese ice cream.

Okay, go ahead and get yours, then come back and finish reading.

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Why Not the Grocery Store?

With all of these positive points in our favor, let us move forward in society and create a movement that will see the world in camo. There's no reason not to, is there?

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If you plan to adopt this manifesto as your own, please do us all one favor: wear a belt.