hunting brands long forgotten

7 Hunting Brands You Probably Forgot About

Many hunting brands have come and gone.

Just these names alone should bring back great memories. These are all vintage hunting brands long forgotten from years back.

Where do we start? Well as hunters, we could look way back to the import companies that supplied the colonial hunters but most of us are too young to remember those.

Our fathers and grandfathers used hunting gear with names we just might remember, though. These were the days of mail-order companies, general store shopping and eventually department stores.

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1. Sears

Sears was brilliant with their mail-order business. They were also great retailers who knew how to re-market sporting goods made by other manufacturers and slap their own name or market name on that product. Notice the Federal head stamp on the .22 Short cartridges above. Other brands were made by well-known manufacturers but labeled as a Sears brand. Their products included high-quality hunting, fishing and outdoor gear. Here are a few of many Sears names that were popular with outdoorsmen back in the day.

2. J.C. Higgins

My first gun cleaning kit was actually a hand-me-down J.C. Higgins kit. The well-known Sears sporting goods brand name was based on employee John Higgins. The "Ted Williams" brand would later replace it.

3. Ted Williams

Baseball legend and outdoorsman Ted Williams was the poster boy for Sears, as they named a brand after him. Shotgun shells, rifle ammunition, clothing and even boots used the sports star's name. His name was a great addition to the many Sears brands. The hunting boots above are in excellent condition for their age.

4. Ranger

Ranger was another popular brand known for affordable hunting guns. Gun shows occasionally still have these used weapons for sale.

5. Montgomery Ward

Montgomery Ward Holiday Catalog of 1950 sported this beautiful rifle, hunting coat, binoculars and hat. Yes red was the go-to color for hunter safety before blaze orange came around. They were the competitor to Sears Roebuck and carried many brands of rifles, shotguns and other goods by actual manufacturer names.

6. WesternField

From gun oil to hunting clothes, WesternField carried it all.

7. Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

Well, before the Abercrombie & Fitch became the place kids go to at the mall, it was a well-known supplier of outdoor goods. They offered everything from tents to guns. Times have certainly changed to say the least!

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