Watch Glenn Guess Take a 3 Bearded Turkey

Hunter Takes an Impressive 3-Bearded Turkey

Glenn Guess is known for his hog hunting videos, but he loves hunting turkey as well. Just like with hogs, he enjoys the calling aspect of turkey hunting.

Texas offers plenty of hunting opportunities for dedicated outdoorsmen and Glenn Guess takes advantage of them all.

He enjoys deer hunting in the fall, turkey hunting in the spring, and hog hunting all year long.

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This particular video shows two successful turkey hunts Glenn did several years ago.

In both cases, he was turkey hunting in Jack County, Texas in close proximity to some grazing cattle. One turkey didn't seem to care at all about the cattle, but those cows apparently made the second turkey pretty darn nervous and Glenn was lucky to get a shot at him.

Glenn has a real love for calling in game ranging from coyotes to hogs to turkeys. He also really knows what he's doing and demonstrates a textbook set-up with decoys for both of the turkeys in this video.

Watch the video to see how it all went down.

Pretty cool right? It's always great when a plan comes together and you're able to close the deal, particularly with a somewhat reluctant bird like we saw in the second instance.

Those were both darn nice gobblers, but the 3 bearded turkey was an especially unique tom.

Considering how long he's been doing this, I'll bet Glenn has a few great wild turkey recipes that he's perfected over the years and that he and Michelle enjoyed a few outstanding meals after those hunts!

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