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How to Get a Texas Hunting License, What You Need to Know

With the Texas hunting season on the horizon, it's time to start getting our affairs in order, which begins with making sure have all of our legal bases covered. Anyone who plans to hunt legal game in Texas, whether a resident or non-resident, must obtain a hunting license through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TWPD). Additionally, hunters have the option to purchase various endorsement stamps, such as those that allow them to hunt upland or migratory birds. There's also the "super combo," which covers outdoorsmen and women who wish to hunt and fish at a wholesale discount. Guides and outfitters, on the other hand, must purchase a commercial hunting license before conducting any business.

Before hunters can obtain a license, they must first take and pass the Hunter Education Training Course, after which they'll be able to carry the same certification card for the rest of their lives. Hunters can take the course once they're 9 years old, and anyone 17 and older can simply complete it online. However, many hunters have preferred acquiring certification via, which meets all the same requirements.

Residents vs. Non-Residents

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Both residents and non-residents have access to Texas hunting licenses and any stamp endorsement required for their desired hunt. ut just like any other state, the Lone Star State does charge for non-residents to hunt here. And, in order to gain resident status, a hunter must be able to prove they've lived in Texas for at least six months before purchasing their license. Texas residents who are active-duty service members (as well as their dependents) are required to have a hunting license, but can get any package for free. All applicants will have to provide their Social Security Number when purchasing a license or stamps.

In order to prove residency, Texas hunters can provide any three of the following documents at the time of purchase.

  • A valid Texas driver's license
  • A valid Texas voter registration certificate
  • A valid Texas vehicle registration
  • A Texas homestead property tax statement
  • Six months of recent utility bills
  • Six months of recent paycheck stubs
  • A recent income tax return
  • A letter from a probation officer or a parole board that you've lived in Texas for the last six months

License prices and purchase locations

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Hunting licenses are available at roughly 1,700 locations throughout the state, which include sporting goods stores, gun shops, bait and tackle stores, discount stores, department stores, and grocery stores, among others. License fees are $25 for residents, $7 for youth (ages 16 and younger) and seniors (ages 65 and older), and $315 for non-residents. TWPD also offers Texas residents the option of a lifetime license for $1,000.

Click here for additional permit and endorsement prices, and click here to find a business that sells Texas hunting licenses in your area. Most Texas hunting licenses can be purchased online with a credit or debit card, or over the phone by calling (800)-792-1112 or (512)-389-4800. For more information about Texas hunting fishing license requirements, visit the TPWD website.