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Hunter Hilariously Asks Bear to Get Out of His Treestand

Some stands are only built to support one hunter at a time.

What's the standard course of action if you walk to your deer stand and someone else is already sitting in it? What if that someone else is a 250-pound black bear?

That was the unusual predicament this man found himself in when he started his hunt. And, instead of turning around and calling it quits, he ordered the bear to get out of his stand.

Next, black bear climbs down the ladder and walks away from the conflict, almost sulking, resulting in some hilarious footage everyone needs to see.

Watch the video below:

"Hey, that's my treestand," he says to the bear. "Come on, there's not enough room! You need to get down!"

The curious black bear almost looks as if it knows it was caught red-handed because it immediately starts following orders!

What would you do in this situation? Think you'd feel safe getting back up in that treestand knowing bears could get up there at any second? Or, do you think you'd take an approach similar to this?

The better question is what would this guy have done if the bear didn't want to get out of the stand? Would he just try to wait him out? Perhaps he'd fire a warning shot? I mean, there's no way to physically pull a bear out of a stand, so he's lucky this one was so cooperative!

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen on a hunt? Have you ever seen an unexpected visitor in your treestand before?