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Hunter Gets Surprised By a 'Buck' Directly Underneath His Treestand

YouTube: Chad Yousey

Has this ever happened to you?!

Avid treestand hunter Chad Yousey is great at capturing his epic hunts and sharing them with the online audience over at the River Bottom Pursuits Facebook page.

He's also known to have a little fun, and of course always has the cameras rolling. You never know what you're going to encounter in the hunting woods, whether it's a pair of locked bucks or a turkey gobbling at a barking dog.

But this latest video is something we can all relate to, even if it hasn't happened the exact way Chad depicts it.

Watch as he realizes a single buck somehow ended up directly beneath his treestand without him noticing. When things are that close, you just can't take a risk...

Ha! Be honest, is that a predicament you've ever found yourself in?! You've got to keep track of all those bucks!

Chad's a stand up guy and a legit outdoorsman, but he's also got a great sense of humor. We're thankful that he was so eager to share this video, because we knew you'd laugh at it as much as we did.



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Hunter Gets Surprised By a 'Buck' Directly Underneath His Treestand