Turkeys Car
Alex Mackey/Facebook

Trio of Turkeys Take on a Corvette

Watch as this gang of gobblers try to scuff up a sports car.

Warm weather arouses those thoughts of love for our feathered friend the turkey. But get in the way of Tom in his pursuit of sex, and you're in store for a serious dust up.

Such was the case March 4 in Atlanta, Georgia. As you're about to see, Alex Mackey was out for a relaxing ride in his prized Corvette. However, that came to a sudden halt when a gang of unruly gobblers stormed the street.

The back and forth banter sure does make us laugh.

Chances are, these territorial Toms spotted their reflection in the polished chrome of Mackey's ride. Thinking they had some competing suitors, it was time to throw down some serious spurs.

It's a good thing turkeys don't carry guns.

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