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Hunter Finds Stolen Ladder on Private Property While Turkey Hunting

Hunter gets permission to turkey hunt property, then finds a ladder that was previously stolen from their public-land treestand.

We all know when we put up treestands, ground blinds or trail cameras on public land, there's always a good chance someone could steal them.

Many states won't allow you to place permanent stands on public land, however in New York, I had an old hang-on stand and custom-made ladder for years in my favorite spot.

That changed just a couple years ago when one of the guys from Top Pin Outdoors went back to hunt the property, only to find the treestand and ladder missing.

Of course, no one really thought much of it, as these things happen on public land all the time.

We figured someone simply wanted it and took it. Only now, just a couple years later, we received permission to turkey hunt some private property nearby. During the second day of hunting, we found a ladder that looked extremely familiar.

See the video below to see what happened.

My father built the ladder using an old swing set years ago. Basically, it was unique, very easily recognized and of course missing from our public land spot. The ladder remained on the public property for years with no issues. They came across the ladder on a property where they shot a turkey the morning before. This kind of situation can make things very sticky.

We left the ladder and left the property just grateful to be able to hunt turkeys. We mostly hunt public land and show ways to find and ask permission to hunt private property. We just never thought we'd find something that belonged to us on property someone else allowed us to hunt.

What would you do if you were in this situation?

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