top pin outdoors turkey mouth call

Top Pin Outdoors Shows us How Hard, and Funny, Learning a Turkey Mouth Call is

Top Pin Outdoors went live to Instagram asking for some tips on calling with a turkey mouth call, and it turned out hilariously.

We set out early that morning. Matt got off work and met me at his house in Southern Pennsylvania. He had quite a few Toms strutting their stuff all around the edge of his property, and it was time to capitalize. We set up and unfortunately where we called a beautiful set of Toms into, they were too weary and weren't able to catch an eye at our decoys.

We didn't give up. We went back to his house, grabbed some Tim Horton's coffee and went back out. This time, we not only came up empty handed. We didn't hear nor see a bird. That's when Matt got ahold of my slate call.

"What is this thing? And why are all these things so hard to use?" Matt asked about the slate call. "I want to learn how to call, turkey hunting is pretty sweet."

That's how it started. We made our way back his house around 11:30 that morning. I decided since I was not an expert at calling, despite having entered a few turkey calling competitions, I would leave it to our Instagram followers to give us some tips on how to help Matt learn the mouth call.

Of course, we have nearly 8,000 followers at the time of this article, but most normal people are either at work or in school at that time of day. Little did we know, about 20 people would tune in for a quick tutorial on just how hard it is to use a turkey mouth call!

Watch the Instagram Live video below:

Since then, we have turned to YouTube to help Matt with his calling techniques with minimal progress. Hopefully soon we can get him on his way to proper calling technique. If you have a turkey calling tip for Matt, be sure to share it on social media using hashtag #MyWideOpenSpaces. We will be sure to find it and possibly share within a future article!

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