black bear
YouTube: Wyze

Hungry Black Bear Invades Kitchen and is Caught by Security Camera

It is not every day a bear breaks into your home!

Most people either love or hate security cameras. Some people think too much surveillance is never a good thing. Others enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the use of them, especially for remote homes that could be prime targets for thieves.

Here at Wide Open Spaces, we tend to fall in the latter group. Only because with more and more people investing in security, we also get some unintentionally funny videos like this one of a black bear breaking into a home.

This hungry bruin obviously wandered by when no one was home and something inside must have smelled really good because he keeps coming back to try and get more!

Given the choice between a wayward bear and a human intruder into the home, we will take the four-legged trespasser every time. At least we know he is only after food and not any of our valuables. Odds are, once spooked off, they will probably not try a stunt like this again either. At the tail end of the video, it sounds like someone has finally taken notice and is yelling at the bear, possibly from outside. We do not have any other details on this video, but it seems like a likely scenario.

Whoever is yelling, they seem to be what scares the curious bear off. It just goes to show that most bear/human interactions are not intentional. At the start of the video, note that the bear sniffs through the screen window for a moment or two before he makes his break-in. He definitely caught a whiff of something that smelled good inside. From there, not much is going to stop him from breaking in and getting a bite to eat.

We had to laugh a bit when he accidentally ended up turning on the light in the kitchen. Bears are messy eaters and this one made a huge mess, but at least the homeowner knows from this footage that they simply need to be more careful about closing the window next time.

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