Huge Stingray Catch Nearly Causes a Fight on Florida Pier

This stingray almost caused a fight in Florida.

A fisherman who hauled in a huge roughtail stingray on Friday found himself in a shoving match after some bystanders tried to return it to the water, according to Florida authorities.

Amazingly, Fox 35 Orlando reports the catch led to an argument and nearly a fight. Hear more and see video of the catch in their video report below.

The news station reports bystanders first asked the man who caught the stingray to let it go. Details are somewhat sketchy, but apparently a scuffle ensued when the fisherman refused.

"From what I understand I think somebody dumped a bucket of water on somebody else and then there may have been some shoving," Volusia County Beach Patol Captain Mike Berard told the news station.

Fortunately things didn't escalate beyond that and there were no charges against anyone in the incident. The rays aren't protected in Florida and the catch was legal. The spectacle of the big ray being hauled up the pier was definitely hard to miss.

"We frequent the beach down here many, many years and never seen one that size before so that caught our attention," Rebecca Krawczyk told the news station. She was the one who took the video of the ray being hauled onto the pier.

Unfortunately, these sorts of confrontations between the public and fishermen seem to be becoming more and more common. Thankfully this incident ended without anyone being hurt.