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Young Fishermen Have Confrontation With Angry Golfer [VIDEO]

These kids claimed they were legally fishing, but the golfers felt differently.

These young men stand up to this hot-headed golfer and continue to fish.

The tossing of threats and aggressive posturing gets a little heated, but these young fishermen keep their cool more so than the adults.

WARNING: Strong language used in the video.

As stated on the video, it seems like these young fishermen were in the right and were legally fishing. We aren’t sure of the details, and can’t really go on record one way or another without more facts.

According to regulations, fishing on Kentucky state-owned pond property, with permission, is perfectly alright do. Of course, it’s reasonable to expect golfers want to play a round uninhibited and without fear of hitting someone unintentionally with a wayward ball.

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Let this exchange be a reminder that knowing regulations for hunting and fishing is always important, and there’s never a good reason to get upset or aggressive when confronted by those who feel strongly about what you’re doing, and where you’re doing it.

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Young Fishermen Have Confrontation With Angry Golfer [VIDEO]