Huge Mako Jump Gets These Boys Fired Up (Explicit Language)

A fisherman's dream, this mako skies multiple times to get these boys all too excited. And their language shows...

Mako sharks are known for their incredible power, aggressive nature, and insane jumping ability. If you hook one on a rod and reel, you often get a free show that will get any fisherman's heart pumping.

If you have ever had a big bass on, seen it surface the water and begin flopping in an aerial display, you know just how awesome it is. Until it throws your hook, of course.

But now multiply that by about an extra 7 or 8 feet and hundreds on hundreds of pounds, and let your imagination do the rest. Your reaction would be full excitement, but maybe not quite as many choice words as these fellas.

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Wrap your mind around a fish that size getting that high out of the water. Then think about the power it would take do such a feat. Truly remarkable. And there wasn't just one amazing sky trick, but three in this video.

We apologize for the language of the video, but sometimes there is just scenarios that people don't know how else to react. A ridiculously large mako rocketing out of the ocean blue just so happened to be that scenario for these guys.

Tight lines, ocean waves and a fishing trip these boys will never forget.

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