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Successful Hook Removal (and Oh Yeah, He Won the Tournament)

hook removal, Kevin VanDam, bass fishing

Here’s a quick hook removal tip. (Hope you never need it).

Hooking yourself and then trying to remove that hook from your body is scary. You could end up seriously injured. Just as bad, it might cut your trip short.

Kevin VanDam, a.k.a. KVD, is the best bass angler in the world. He handles this hook removal like a true pro. In the video below, you’ll see that you need braided line and a helper. It could most likely be done solo, but the added person will help remove the hook much faster. Watch as he coaches a spectator to help him get the hook out.

Getting hooked can happen with an errant cast, wayward hookset or angry fish. Hooks today are very sharp and will penetrate human skin just as easily as the mouth of a fish.

After catching a big fish in a B.A.S.S. Elite Series tournament, Kevin was able to remove the big hook and get right back to fishing. He explained to the other angler on how to do it and remained calm throughout the whole ordeal. It looked fairly painless, but that had to hurt!


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Successful Hook Removal (and Oh Yeah, He Won the Tournament)