Huge Halibut Hook Turns Good Day of Fishing Sour

Dealing with incredibly sharp hooks and large, powerful fish can be a recipe for disaster.

A day of fishing is always better than a day of work. That is, until a huge halibut hook finds itself all the way through your finger of course.

Is it still better than a day of work then? Well, maybe so, but until you have it happen like this gentleman we are not sure you are allowed to have any input. With a fish caught and at the boat, this guide attempts to do something he has probably done a thousands times: simply unhook the fish.

With a very lively fish and a few shakes, this day of fishing went south and sour in a quick minute.

In what deserves a guide of the year award, he lets the clients know that he is willing to stick out the rest of the day for them even if he isn't much help. Now that is what you call putting the customer first.

Blood dripping and onlookers watching, he attempts to snip the extremely large hook off in front of the barb so he can run it the rest of the way through is finger.

Unfortunately, he was unable to do so and had to file the barb down instead.

If you find blood and such hard to watch, we apologize. But this could be a good video to watch so you know what action to take if this happens to you on a future fishing trip.

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