ice fishing mink

Ice Angler Hauls Temperamental Mink Up Through Hole

A mink is the LAST thing these guys figured they'd hook when out  for a day of ice fishing.

Part of the fun of ice fishing is not knowing what you're going to set the hook into. Could be a panfish or a pike, but in the case of this angler, we think a mink was the absolute furthest specie from his mind.

Fishing set lines with live or dead bait looks to be the tactic taken, and as you're about to see, when that cute brown head pops out of the hole, these guys are both shocked and surprised. (And although they believe it to be a muskrat, it is in fact a mink.)

Ever had to unhook a mink? Best watch and learn:

Luckily the mink was 'caught' in it's left paw. Prying that hook from it's mouth would have been a tad bit more difficult.

This reminds us of a story we recently published, which featured a mischievous mink attempting to steal fish from a group of ice anglers. Funny stuff!

So what's the strangest thing you've caught when fishing? We'd love to hear your stories.