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How Would You Like to Build This Custom Gun for Homework?

This is not your average custom gun, and it's also not the average final project for a school class, but it is absolutely beautiful.

The video below and the photos that follow are all from Trinidad State Junior College and are all the work of a student named Justin Kamal who chose to build a custom .50 Cal as a final project for his gunsmithing class. Take a look at the video below by Rated Red, to find out a little more about the weapon. 

We certainly hope that Kamal passed his final with flying colors. The English Walnut stock that has been checkered and carved with a silver wire inlay is absolutely amazing, and the fact that the final product weighs 43 pounds will make the 50 Cal recoil hit to your shoulder a little easier to take.

Take a look below at a closer view of this piece of art...

custom gun custom gun custom gun custom gun custom gun custom gun custom gun

We wish Kamal the best of luck and hope to see more custom work from him in the future.

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