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Would You Train with AccuBow?

The AccuBow looks like it could absolutely change the way we train for archery season... would you use one?

Training for archery season has generally either consisted of actually getting out and shooting your bow, or just doing general full body exercises. But now, thanks to the AccuBow, we might have a new and possibly better option. The AccuBow starts at $149 and can be customized to meet your training requirements. Take a look below to see just how the AccuBow works.

The AccuBow can be set to anywhere from 10 to 70 pounds and comes with a built-in laser sight to help improve your accuracy. It also has D-loop connections so that you can use your normal release and a level bubble to help ensure proper alignment.

Of course we'd never advise you to stop actually shooting your bow, but the AccuBow can be a huge asset to help improve your shooting and have you in top shape when the big moment comes.

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