dangerous knife making
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Autine Reminds Us Just How Dangerous Knife Making Can Be

If you are the kind of person who thinks knives are potentially unsafe, you probably have no idea how dangerous knife making can be. 

If you look at knives more as a weapon than as a tool, then you probably have an opinion of them being quite treacherous. But if you thought the blades themselves were treacherous, then you will be completely amazed at just how dangerous knife making can be. Not only do you have to handle the extremely sharp blade you are crafting, but you also have to deal with the tools that shape it.

The video above was made by the smith responsible for Autine knives and hatchets. Autine are known for having extremely sharp blades, which if used incorrectly, can cause injury. But, instead of seeing them as dangerous, we prefer to teach newcomers how to use them and then refer to them as easy to use tools. Just remember not to put your hand under the press.

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