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Your Knife is Cute. Watch What Mine Can Do.

Watch what mine can do
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If think you carry a useful, capable knife, you'll change your mind after you see what mine can do.

Every outdoorsman I know has a knife. That knife may change over time, but it generally becomes an extension of the person and is something you can always count on them both having and using.

Everyone has his or her own reasons for picking the knife they carry, but I can almost guarantee that after you see this video, you'll want an Autine knife, and you'll consistently be saying, "Watch what mine can do."

That's right, with no sawing whatsoever this Autine Leuku type knife was able to cut directly through a life birch tree with what appears to be minimal effort. I'm not sure about you but I never imagined that to even be possible. The knife has a 6.7" blade crafted from D2 steel, a 4.9" handle with an overall length of 11.6".

This type of quality does come with a price tag though. Each knife is going to cost you $420. Seems like lot but if you use it for more than a year and a half it comes down to less than a dollar a day.

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Your Knife is Cute. Watch What Mine Can Do.