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4 Movie Stars Who Hate Guns

If we asked you to name four movie stars who hate guns, you probably would have a few names, but we bet these stars wouldn't be on your list.

When we watch movie stars who really excel at roles with weapons, we might assume they normally use those.

But actually, some of them are quite opposed to the guns that made them the stars they are.

Take a look at this video below and find out more about these four movie stars who hate guns.

Here's a recap:

Matt Damon was quoted as saying, "I actually hate guns."

Kevin Costner, despite being a gun owner, said "I think there should be a lot of gun laws." Rated Red suggests that he worry about enforcing the laws we already have rather than making new ones.

Mark Wahlberg said, "I'd like to see if we can take them all away. It would be a beautiful thing."

Sylvester Stallone, listed as an enemy of the NRA, actually advocated for the removal of the Second Amendment in 1998.

While we guess all of these movie stars might not technically hate guns, it quite interesting to see how different their stance on guns is in real life compared to what they very often portray on film.

We don't want to just rush to judgement and say that they're wrong, but it would be very interesting to find out why they have the opinions they do and why they choose to shoot movies with guns while personally disagreeing with the image they are building.

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