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How Well Does a Bulletproof Face Mask Really Work?

Bulletproof Face Mask
YouTube:Demolition Ranch

Can a bulletproof face shield survive Demolition Ranch?

Our favorite experimental gun channel on YouTube is at it again. Matt of Demolition Ranch is out here answering the hard questions in life. For instance, how well does a bulletproof face shield really work?

Most people would be inclined to take the word "bulletproof" at face value, but not Matt.

This face shield is seriously thick, but can it really stand up to Matt's awesome arsenal? Let's find out together.

As usual, Matt started out with a simple .22 and then worked his way up. This face mask was seriously impressive. We now know it would save your life if hit with a diverse collection of ammo, including .410 defense round, a 9mm, .45 ACP, .357 Magnum and even .44 Magnum. You would likely have a splitting headache after getting hit, but you would live.

Of course, once he ramped that up to .308, there was no way it was going to stop anymore rounds. This face shield is meant only for stopping small arms fire like handguns. Matt didn't even need to go to the .50 BMG like he usually does. We're guessing that rifle would have annihilated the shield completely.

We really like the way this face shield captured most of the rounds that hit it. It just looks cool. It's a piece of firearms art now.

If you follow Matt's other channel "Off the Ranch," you know he's busy constructing a new headquarters for his business now. He should seriously consider making a display of all the items like this bulletproof face mask. We'd love to see a display of all the strange items he has shot over the years. He could call it the "Demo art gallery" or something. We're sure his fans would love to see this stuff when they visit!

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How Well Does a Bulletproof Face Mask Really Work?