demolition ranch and hickok45
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Demo Ranch and Hickok45 Join Forces for an 'Uncomfortable' Gun Review

Is it possible to take Hickok45 out of his comfort zone?

Greg Kinman, aka Hickok45, is kind of a traditionalist. While he's not opposed to a modified AR-15 or a brand-new Glock, he's partial to guns of the lever-action and revolver variety.

Demolition Ranch host Matt Carriker, on the other hand, is one who tries just about everything, whether it's a more traditional gun or four shotguns he's tied together.

So, it was only a matter of time before these two all-American gun channels came together to make a video. And, we can only expect Carriker to break out some unconventional firearms for Kinman to shoot, right?

Watch the video below:

So, Carriker kicks it off with a gold-plated Model 1911, which gets an awesome reaction out of Kinman. This titanium nitride plating makes the gun's action smoother, according to Carriker, but it's safe to say people either love or hate anything with gold plating.

The second gun is an unidentified .25 Auto Carriker bought at a pawn shop for about $100. Kinman's weirdly a great shot with it, although he couldn't hit the gong from long range, which sounded like a Hail Mary to begin with.

As Carriker notes, the .25 Auto looks particularly tiny in Kinman's hands because he's 6 foot, 8 inches.

The last firearm is a folding Glock 19, which throws Kinman for quite a loop, as you can tell his arms are too long to handle such a small bundle. However, once he stops trying to shoulder it, he starts finding a little more accuracy.

I think it's safe to say Carriker was successful in taking him out of his comfort zone, although Kinman ultimately came around to the 1911.

Which one of these guns do you like the most? Which do you dislike the most? Let us know!