The Quad Barreled Shotgun Ain't Your Grandpa's Over/Under

The quad barreled shotgun has to be one of the most ridiculous weapons we've seen to date.

What would happen if you mounted four shotguns together?

Watch this video and see Demolition Ranch try to shoot these four shotguns strapped together with zip ties.

Is that even safe?

In the world of small arms, the shotgun is the universal large payload delivery server. With such a large selection of ammunition available from bird shot to slugs, the shotgun is the do-it-all weapon that takes second place to none at close range.

Well Demolition Ranch has a plan to upgrade the awesome 12 gauge shotgun. Why not zip tie four shotguns together? Could that even possibly work? Well not too well as they found out in this pretty comical video.

So next time you think of making a bigger shotgun know that zip ties will not work well for making four shotguns into a super shotgun.