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The 8 Most Versatile Hunting Shotguns

Versatile Hunting Shotguns

Shotguns can be great multipurpose hunting tools. Here are eight of the most versatile hunting shotguns available.

When most people think of guns, they assume many are all-purpose. However, hunters usually have different shotguns for hunting turkeys than they do for hunting deer.

That can simply get expensive, so here are eight great versatile hunting shotguns that can serve almost all of the most pressing hunting needs.

Let's take a look.

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1. Remington 870

remington 870

The Remington 870 shotgun was introduced in 1950. Since then, it has become one of the most popular American-made pump shotguns. The Remington is a relatively inexpensive all-purpose shotgun with many different barrels available.

2. Winchester 1300

winchester 1300

Known as the "Speed Pump," the Winchester 1300 is known for very fast-cycling pump-action. This makes it a great shotgun for sport shooting as well as hunting. The shotgun is also popular for home defense because of the short barrel options.

3. Benelli Nova

benelli nova

The Benelli Nova incorporates a polymer stock and lightweight receiver into a single unit for strong strength and weather resistance. Benelli is known for unmatched durability and quality. The Nova handles anything from target loads to 3 1/2-inch magnums. The ability to shoot many different loads makes the Nova an extremely versatile shotgun.

4. Stoeger Model 3000

stoeger model 3000

Pre-drilled and tapped for scope mounting with sling swivel openings on the stock and fore-end cap, the Stoeger Model 3000 boasts incredible versatility as a semi-automatic hunting shotgun. The Model 3000 has an Inertia Driven action, which provides a smooth operation.

The semi-auto shotgun comes with a shim kit and provides many options to customize the fit and feel of the synthetic stock.

5. H&R Pump Shotgun

h & r

An inexpensive gun usually retailing around $200 mark, the H&R Pump has a 28-inch inch barrel and a chamber length of 3 inches, making it great for bird hunting and sport shooting. It's a wear- and weather-resistant shotgun that can stand up to the elements for whatever you're hunting.

6. Benelli Super Black Eagle II

Benelli Super Black Eagle

The Super Black Eagle II is one of the most expensive guns on the list but also offers a little more than the other shotguns. The SBE II is known for being dependable and low-maintenance through its inline Inertia Driven System. Also acknowledged for lightning-quick cycling and used by Tim Knapp to set world-record exhibition shooting achievements, the gun comes with a limited 10-year warranty.

7. Winchester SXP

Winchester SXP

Ideally made for waterfowl hunting, the Winchester SXP is a very versatile hunting shotgun. A non-glare, matte finish allows for longtime use in rough conditions. The synthetic stock sports textured gripping surfaces, and it's a really lightweight gun. The SXP has a brass front-sight bead and provides a fast, natural sight picture for accuracy in the field.

8. Weatherby SA-08

weatherby SA-08

This synthetic is a rugged, reliable shotgun capable of outstanding performance from early dove season through spring snow goose hunts. The dual-valve system cycles shells from light trap loads to 3-inch magnums. Each shotgun comes with three application-specific chokes. The SA-08 is a versatile shotgun to satisfy most of any hunter's needs.


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The 8 Most Versatile Hunting Shotguns